Monday, December 14, 2009

Draft 2010 Schedule

Not all these dates have been confirmed in writing, but the schedule is firm enough that you can mark these dates in your diaries already. I'll let you know later when all bookings are finally confirmed.

14 February - Virginia @ 6.30am
14 March - Redland Bay @ 6.20am
11 April - Logan City @ 6.30am (4-club game?)
9 May - Mcleod Country @ 6.35am
13 June - Pacific @ 6.30am (10th tee)
18 July - Redcliffe @ 8.10am
15 August - Royal Pines @ 7.20am (Ambrose game w carts)
12 September - Carbrook @ 6.10am (later time requested)
10 October - Gailes @ 6.30am (4BBB game?)
7 November - Keperra Country @ 6.00am
5 December - Oxley @ 6.00am (10th tee)

Note there is one new course for us, Virginia, in February. The other courses are all familar ones.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Riverlakes results - 6/12/2009

A fine, hot day, even starting at 6am (gasp). Almost all the regulars, with the exception of George and Judith, and Owen (ill), were present, which was appropriate for the last game of the year. The course was in pretty good condition (and the rumors of its pending demise were claimed to be unfounded). The name "riverlakes" proved appropriate, as expected, with many players losing many balls.

Our esteemed leader produced the round of the day for the second time this year!

1st - Ken Greedy, 41 pts
2nd - Suzanne Rosolen, 37 pts (told you!)
3rd - Rodney Topor, 32 pts ocb (despite 4-putting the last green!)

Longest drive (men) - Ashutosh Misra (again!)
Longest drive (ladies) - Jane Hughes

NTP 3rd hole - no-one! (The water carry was evidently too intimidating.)
NTP 14th hole - Ian Smith

Special prize: Most lost balls - Howard Ward (admitting to 7 lost balls!)

(Aside: Paul failed in his attempt to use only one ball: "I only used one ball at a time!". Jane and I succeeded, though I had four very, very close shaves.)

Player of the year - based on results throughout the year - was won by Owen Wright with 9 points (3 wins)! Congratulations Owen! Owen was confident enough to not even turn up, claiming illness. Suzanne came second with 8 points.

A good way to end the year!

Planning for next year is underway and the program will be announced in January (or sooner if possible). There is still disagreement about having one 3 club plus putter competition next year.

Tricky, uphill, par 3, 8th hole at Riverlakes

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Next game: 6 December at Riverlakes

The final game for the year is upon us: Riverlakes Golf Club on 6 December, arrival time 5.45am (gasp!) for tee-off at 6.00am. Riverlakes is at Gleneagles Drive, Cornubia. Take the Beenleigh - Redland Bay Road from the Pacific Mwy towards Carbrook, about 5km, and turn right at Riverlakes Village shopping centre traffic lights, where there is a small "golf club" sign, leading to ... a security gate! ... after which you turn left. If you cross California Creek and see the course on your right, you've driven too far, but do not do a U-turn there because it's very dangerous. Drive on until it's safe! The number of the Pro Shop at Riverlakes is 3287 6288.

I like Riverlakes because it's relatively short, so watch out. However, the fairways are narrow and there are lots of water carries, so many people don't like it for some reason. I don't want to scare you off, because the course is quite pretty, but we're offering a special prize for the player who *loses* the most balls! Or at least owns up to losing the most balls. :-)

And I should also be able to give you a preview of next year's schedule.

As usual, please let me know by Monday whether or not you are playing, so I can inform Riverlakes of our numbers a week ahead, as they request. If you discover that you can't play after accepting, please, please let me or Paul (0403 901 344) know as soon as possible.

Happy golfing!

PS Paul has just announced that he will only require one ball. Them's brave words!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Oxley Results - 8/11/2009

Despite forecasts of rain, the weather remained fine and comfortable. The greens were slow at first but sped up as the morning progressed. The course was very crowded, but we seemed to get around quickly enough.

Almost all of the Club "old guard" were missing, which was strange for the rest of us.

Competition at the top of the leader board was tough. The final outcome was:

1st - Suzanne Rosolen, 40 pts
2nd - Sudath Wijeratne, 39 pts
3rd - Rodney Topor, 35 pts ocb (on count back)

Longest drive (men) - Ashutosh Misra
Longest drive (ladies) - Suzanne Rosolen (no surprise there)
NTP, 5th hole - Howard Ward
NTP, 9th hole - no-one! (And such a short hole too!!)

My group wished the 3rd hole was NTP, as three of us hit the green quite close to the hole!

Suzanne played very well. She has good technique and hits the ball well. If she can only improve her game around the greens, she can reduce her handicap by 10 strokes very quickly.

If you'll permit me to brag a little, I hit my last shot for the day 40 metres over a bunker onto the green and into the hole. Or so my playing partners tell me, as I couldn't see the hole. Perhaps they kicked it in as a joke! Sorry, Howard.

The competition for "Player of the Year" will be decided at Riverlakes on 6/12/2009. (Nearly as exciting a season as the LPGA.)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Requests for next year's program?

Next week I'm going to start writing to Clubs to request bookings for next year. My current thinking is to use the same Clubs as this year with the exception of Riverlakes (which probably won't exist next year). Any particular suggestions for a replacement? Any preferences for dates for particular courses? Any current courses you hate? Any (cheap) missing courses you love?


Alternative Competition Suggestion - 2010

Here's my current suggestion for an alternative singles format, to try once next year:

Normal Stableford competition, except that you *subtract* one point for every club in your bag!

How much is that 6 iron really worth to you? I think it would be very interesting to see the different choices people make. It would require people to think *before* the round for a change. Personally, I'd go with 3 or 4, maybe 5, clubs only, depending on the course chosen.

What do members think of this suggestion?


Golf: 8 November at Oxley


The next game for the year will be held at Oxley Golf Club, 290 Boundary Road, Oxley, on Sunday 8 November. Arrival time is 6.30am for tee-off starting at 6.49am. The phone number of the pro shop there is 1300 135 654.

Boundary Road (or at least the right Boundary Road) is off Blunder Road, which can be reached from Ipswich Motorway or Inala Avenue.

Let's hope the course is in good condition after the rain this week.

Please let me know by Monday whether or not you are playing, so I can inform Oxley of our numbers a week ahead, as they request.

As usual, if you discover that you can't play after accepting, please, please let me or Paul (0403 901 344) know as soon as possible.

I look forward to seeing you at Oxley.

Rodney Topor
GUSGC Secretary
0438 112 358 (M)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Australian PGA Championship - December 10th-13th

Think you hit the ball OK - go see how the professionals do it! As the ad says "These guys are good".
Ogilvy, Appleby, Vijay Singh, Pampling, Goggin, Daly etc ...

The Austalian PGA Championship will be held at Hyatt Regency Coolum from December 10th-13th.

Pre-booked tickets are just $10 per day or $25 for all 4 days. Book ticket online.

I went to the final day last year and really enjoyed it. Not too crowded, easy to get food and drink, lovely golf course, easy parking and access and some amazing golf.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Keperra - 11/10/2009 Winners

The results for Keppera 11.10.2009.

  • 1st place on 38 pts Rodney Topor
  • 2nd place on 37pts Paul Lockwood–Lee
  • 3rd place on 32pts Ian Smith
  • Nearest the pin on the 6th and the 8th Andrew Mather
  • Longest drive 16th Ladies Suzanne Rosolen
  • Longest drive 16th Men’s Paul Lockwood-Lee

A nice day for golf, the rain almost held off for the round but we did get a little wet.
When the moisture got on the greens, the balls started to pick up grit/sand & made the putting a bit more difficult (well that is my excuse for the back nine)

Being as I had had a long drive to the course due to poor navigation skills, I thought I’d have the longest drive on the course, so my thanks to the regular big hitters in our club for missing the fairway on the 16th.

I also want to thank Rodney for falling into my trap of beating me by just the one point to take 1st place it is all part of my dastardly plan, now he will get two points deducted on the next game.

Rodney raised the subject of playing a different format perhaps for one game next year, so if anyone has any suggestions please make them known to him/us on future game days or by email or posting a blog on this site (however that is done)

Thanks to everyone who came & played at Keppera.
Hope to see lots of you on the 8th of November at Oxley (but do not expect to win)

Bye for now Paul (Captain)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Carbrook - 13/9/2009 winners

If you like you like putting on marble, or billiard tables, or kitchen benchtops .... Carbrook is the place for you. I'm sure the greenkeeper has a lot of fun with that hole placement on the 9th. (photo supplied by Rodney "3 Clubs" Topor)

Thanks to the Carbrook members for presenting the course so immaculately. Perfect weather conditions again.

The winners were:

Nearest the pin:
14th - David Westover (about 1 metre - he missed!)
7th - Shane Carroll (about 3.8 metres - he missed!)
Long Drive:
Ladies - Karen Greedy
Mens - Bruce Rowlands [longest drive behind a tree - Ian Smith]

Stableford Comp:
1st - Karen Greedy 38 pts
2nd - Howard Ward 34pts
3rd - David Westover 34 pts (ocb) (?)

[Notable absentee from this list is Paul Lockwood-Lee who's pre-round confidence in his game was obviously misplaced on the day. Also absent on the day was 'Player of the Year' contender Owen Wright who must be at home practicing for the last few events...]

Next game is at Keperra on 11/10/2009.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Throwing down the gauntlet!!!

Look out folks, I had a game mid last week down at Emerald Lakes & hit 99 of the stick (my social club h/cap is 33) so you can see why I was chuffed.

(If it were a club game i'd have taken 42pts)

Now that's fighting talk, who's up for the challange.

Paul Lockwood-Lee

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The next game for the year will be held at Carbrook Golf Club, 653 Beenleigh-Redland Bay Road, Carbook, about 9km from the Pacific Motorway, on Sunday 13 September. Arrival time is 7.15am for tee-off at 7.30am. The phone number of the pro shop there is 3287 6440.

Carbrook is the home club of Andrew, Jane and me, but we promise not to exploit our home ground advantage!

The course is currently in very good condition. Let's hope we have a little rain between now and then, so it remains that way, and that the weather is mild and dry on the day.

Please let me know by Monday whether or not you are playing, so I can inform Carbrook of our numbers a week ahead, as they request.

As usual, if you discover that you can't play after accepting, please, please let me or Paul (0403 901 344) know as soon as possible.

I look forward to seeing you at Carbrook.

Rodney Topor
GUSGC Secretary
0438 112 358 (M)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Royal Pines - 16/08/09 Winners

A lovely sunny day, a golf course in excellent condition, carts and hospitable course staff made it difficult to play badly - however some of us responded to that challenge. With 'the Shield' up for grabs the pressure was on.

Royal Pines Championship Course Results are:
Nearest the pin:
  • 7th hole Joe Pelc

  • 11th hole Joe Pelc

  • Ladies longest drive 3rd hole Suzanne Rosolen

  • Mens longest drive 3rd hole Andrew Mather

Scores: (2 ball Ambrose)
  • 1st Suzanne Rosolen & Joe Pelc – gross score 74, nett 62.25 (Shield Winners 2009)

  • 2nd Shane Carroll & Michael Gilbert – g 76, n 65.50

  • 3rd (and most importantly) Ian Smith & Paul Lockwood-Lee – g 76, n 65.75

  • 4th Rodney Topor & Jane Hughes – g 82, n 70.75

  • 5th Ken Greedy & Andrew Mather – g 81, n 71

  • 6th Paul Wright & Howard Ward – g 80, n 71.75

  • 7th Ashutosh Misra & Owen Wright – g 85, n 72.5

Next game at Carbrook on 13/09/09.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cheap(er) golf has some cheaper green fees on some of the better courses in Qld.

Brookewater $90 (was $120)
The Glades $75 (was S130)
North Lakes $48 (was $89)
Gold Coast Country Club $29

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Competition winners this year (1/2/3):

Wynnum (George Chapman/Dave Brown/Shane Carroll)
McLeod (Howard Ward/Ian Smith/Shane Carroll)
Redland Bay (Owen Wright/Ashutosh Misra/Ian Smith)
Redcliffe (Owen Wright/Sudath Wijeratne/Paul Lockwood-Lee)
Pacific (Ken Greedy/Ian Smith/George Chapman)
Gailes (Owen Wright/Ashutosh Misra/Paul Lockwood-Lee)

[Thanks to Rodney and Ken]

Sunday, July 5, 2009

5/7/09 Gailes golf club - results

1st Owen Wright [36pts ocb]
2nd Ashutosh Misra [36pts]
3rd Paul Lockwood-Lee [32pts]

NTP 3rd: Suzanne Rosolen
NTP 12th: Owen Wright
Long Drive - Ladies: Suzanne Rosolen
Long Drive - Mens: Owen Wright

Next round is at Royal Pines on 16th August.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Golf related links

Here are some of favourite golf websites:

Next game: Gailes

The next game for the year will be held at Gailes Golf Club, 229 Wilruna Street, Wacol, on Sunday 5 July.
Arrival time is 7.15am for tee-off at 7.30am.
The phone number of the Pro Shop there is 3271 1045.To get to Gailes Golf Club, Cross Ipswich Mwy at Progress Rd, Wacol. The course is opposite Gailes Railway Stn. Don't try crossing the Mwy in the Ipswich direction from Gailes because road works may make this impossible.
Let's hope we have drier weather than we did last game!
Please let me know by the end of this week whether or not you are playing, so I can inform Gailes of our numbers a week ahead, as they request.As usual, first come first served. I may have to add players after 16 to a waiting list. If you discover the week before, even the day before, that you can't play after all, please, please let me or Paul (0403 901 344) know as soon as possible, to give any players on the waiting list a chance to play.
I look forward to seeing you at Gailes.
Rodney Topor
GUSGC Secretary
0438 112 358 (M)

Last game @ Pacific

Amazing weather on the day, sunny, stormy, sunny. The course was a bit soft in parts and the rain contributed to make a tough course even harder.
A number of players pulled out due to weather - but those who soldiered on had good conditions.

Winner: Ken Greedy 33pts
R/U: Ian Smith 31pts
3rd: George Chapman
Nearest the pins: George 2, Ian Smith
Long drives: Karen Greedy & Ian Smith


Ken just makes them up! - but maybe we will post the updated list here....

2009 Schedule

February: Wynnum (15/02/09) 6.30am
March: Mcleod Country (15/03/09) 7.25am
April: Redland Bay (5/04/09) 8.40am
May: Redcliffe (3/05/09) 8.04am
June: Pacific (7/06/09) 7.00am
July: Gailes (5/07/09) 7.30am
August:(special game) Royal Pines Resort (16/08/09) 7.30am
September: Carbrook (13/09/09) 7.35am
October: Keperra Country (11/10/09) 7.00am
November: Oxley (8/11/09) 6.49am
December: Riverlakes (6/12/09) 6.00am

About the club

"The club has some 20-30 members. About 12-16 turn up at each game.
We play a game at a different course one Sunday each month. We play a Stableford competition.
Once a year we splash out, hire electric carts, play an Ambrose competition at a nicer course than usual, and have lunch afterwards.
The winner of the monthly competition receives the massive prize of 3 golf balls! Some members are only loosely connected to GU. Men's handicaps range from 20 to 36, women's from 20 to 45, so there are no really strong players, at least not recently.
Last year, annual membership was $30 and green fees were $30 each round. I suspect that this year the green fees will go up a few dollars. Players can play twice with the club to try it out before joining, but after that they have to join if they wish to continue playing.
I ask members to give me a definite answer as to whether or not they're playing a week before each game. The golf courses require exact numbers a week in advance." Rodney Topor (Secretary)