Tuesday, May 21, 2013

WINDAROO game 20th MAY 2013

WINDAROO  game 20th MAY 2013

16 turned out for Windaroo game, which I think is our best for the year. A chilly start but a very pleasant autumn day followed.
The course was a tough taskmaster, which seemed to play longer than the yardage implies and greens without a flat spot to be found, I don’t think M C Escher could have drawn them any better, balls would roll miles uphill or nowhere downhill & never in the direction you would be expecting.  
It still made for a good day, with everyone possibly happy when they heard the stories of suffering from other groups, that they weren’t the only ones to lose out at the hands of the Windaroo designer.

A very big thank you to Judith (with able support from George) who has volunteered to take on the secretary role for the club, I’ll pass on all the details I have thus far & I’m sure previous holders of the position will assist her as she finds her feet. (I’ll do the round up for the next game & then handover)

Here are the results for Windaroo:

1st place on 32pts – Rodney Topor
2nd place on 29pts – Ashutosh Misra
3rd place on 27pts – Troy Grimshaw
(missing out on count back for 3rd were Bryan Kendall & Myself)

NTP on the 5th – Paul Lockwood-Lee (sorry Hilary)
NTP on the 15th – Rodney Topor
Men’s L/D 13th – George Chapman
Ladies L/D 13th – Janine Walker

Next game is at Hills International on the 16th of June.

Paul (Captain)

P.S. We had an approach from the club marshal on the day stating he had to give a couple of our groups the hurry along as they were holding up the field. Can we all please be mindful of the time we take please & don’t forget:
Pick up your ball if you cannot score,
Walk briskly to your ball & if possible prepare whilst your partners are playing (pick the right club, pick your line etc) & be ready to hit as soon as it is your turn.
When putting please make as many guesstimates for length & line as soon as you get to the green (not just when it’s your turn to putt) only be aware that you do not disturb the player putting at the time.
When approaching the green work out where the next hole starts & put your bags toward the next logical exit of the green, so that you do not have to walk back to the front of the green to pick it up when your group has finished (this means you have cleared the green quicker & the group behind can play on)

I’m sure there are many more, but basically try to keep up with the group in front & we won’t go far wrong.