Monday, February 11, 2013

Virginia game 10th February 2013

Virginia game 10th February 2013

A group of 12 turned out for our first game of the season, thank you to all those for turning up. It was good to see some familiar faces after such a long break. Also thanks to a new face on the course, Troy Grimshaw.

We should have called it our Sand green championship match! The sort of conditions on which you’d normally expect some low point totals, but it’s apparent that some folks, dare I say, quite enjoyed the it.

Congratulations to anyone who got a score in the low to mid 30’s, I think that was quite good going considering.

Well done to Janine who played off her (lower) Nudgee handicap (rather than her GUSGC one) and managed a very good 2nd place.

And especially well done to Karen who notched up the first win of the season on an excellent score of 38pts, playing very nicely from what we were told by here group partners.

Perhaps we could have called this the Ladies day match.

Here are the results for Virginia:

1st place on 38pts – Karen Greedy

2nd place on 36pts – Janine Walker

3rd place on 35pts – Dan Williams
NTP on the 12th – George Chapman

NTP on the 3rd – Troy Grimshaw

Men’s L/D on the 16th- Troy Grimshaw

Ladies L/D on the 16th- Janine Walker

Next game is at Mt Warren Park on the 17th of March.


Paul (Captain)