Tuesday, December 9, 2014

President's message 2014

Now that we have finished for 2014 and crowned a new "Champion" - and I use that term very loosely - just a quick message of thanks to all involved in the Club this year.

Thanks to George and Judith for organising our schedule. I thought there wasn't a bad course out there this year and am looking forward to playing Wantima in the new year. Just checking my passport is still valid for travel to the northside.

Thanks to Karen for collecting the money after each round. I mostly got change when I gave her $50 and she didn't complain too much. [Also, well played Karen! Played some great golf when I was in her group.]

Thanks to Ken for the handicapping - loving that slope system!

Thanks to Paul for captaining again. We'd be lost without your enthusiasm and organising on the day. Much like when Mark won in 2012, it's very hard to feel aggrieved at the the club champion when the winner is clearly the most improved golfer of the year. 4 wins out of 10 events can't be a fluke. Congratulations.

And thank to all the members who continue to maintain the easy going spirit of the club whilst upholding the best traditions of golf as a sport that anyone can play. Feel free to encourage other like-minded colleagues/friends to play next year.

Look forward to seeing you all in 2015.

Ian Smith

Oxley game 7th December 2014

Oxley game 7th December 2014

15 players for the final game, a great turn out as it happens considering the doom & gloom weather forecasts for the day and in the end we didn’t even get wet feet!
The course was in good condition (although the greens were very hard to judge I thought, perhaps it was just me) the worst you could say was it was very sticky out there.
Ian, Peter & George were all very close on the leader board with the returning (older & more knackered) Ian coming out on top, well done all of you.

Here are the full results for Oxley:

1st place on 37pts – Ian Smith
2nd place on 36pts – Peter Johnson
3rd place on 36pts – George Chapman

NTP on the 5th – not taken
NTP on the 9th – Ian Smith
Men’s L/D 17th – Dan Williams
Ladies L/D 17th – Judith Chapman

Which all means that the final day had a bearing on the Championship table by moving Mr Smith into 3rd overall for the year, second place went to Karen Greedy with whom I’ve had ding dong battle all year round. Well done Karen scoring points in six rounds is very good & shows how well you can play without the burden of broken Ken, sorry! But he’s back in your group next year (nobody else can take the abuse)
So as you already know it’s me who has taken out the cup for this year (by my sorry standards I had a good year) but done worry, I’ll vanish into obscurity next year my nerves won’t take another year like this.

The final championship standings for 2014:
Champion - Paul Lockwood-Lee -36 points
Runner up - Karen Greedy – 31points
3rd place Ian Smith – 25 points

Wishing all of you a very pleasant Christmas & New Year & those of you who are carrying injuries a full recovery for the new season which will start on Feb 15th at Wantima.
Thanks to all of you no matter how often you’ve played this year, you are all very welcome back in 2015 just keep your hands off my trophy.

Paul (Captain)