Friday, February 17, 2017

Windaroo Golf 12th February 2017

Windaroo Golf 12th February 2017

Sorry for the delay folks, it’s taken this long for me to cool down after the hottest day of golf ever, ever, period! & that’s not fake news. Over a million people came out to play and see me play at Windaroo…….
Sorry I’ll start again, a big thanks to the hardy 11 souls who did make it for the ‘buckets of sweat challenge’ only 4 made it back to the clubhouse & returned home safely, but you have to expect that considering the age of our group. The others who are spread all over the course, will just mulch down & make the rough a little longer by next year.
Apart from the heat the course was still as tricky as I remember it, but still great to be back out there, I hope all had fun until you dropped.
Well the result, I may as well have copied & pasted it from any number of the last couple of years reports, but for those who don’t know, here they are:

Now for the results:
NTP on the 7thMike O’Neill
NTP on the 15thDavid Coster
Mens Long drive 10thDavid Geils
Ladies Long drive 9th – not taken
1st place on 37 points – Paul Wellington
2nd place on 36 points – David Geils  
3rd place on 32 points – Troy Grimshaw

Equal 3rd (missing out on count back) Bryan Kendall & David Coster
Next game is at Carbrook on the 12th of March at 7.03am tee off.

Regards until then.
Paul (Captain)