Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gailes game 15th July 2012.

Gailes game 15th July 2012.

What is it they say about practice? Sorry folks but I did have four games in the week leading up to the Gailes game, so I hoped to be in a good position to be contending for prizes. 

It was a lovely day for golfing considering the forecast was for rain, rain & more rain, the course was in great shape with only a few soggy areas. 

I hope everyone enjoyed the day, I think the points on the cards indicate that it was better than the last two rounds we’ve played in June/May,And for the first time in a while all the prizes went out as well. 

Thanks to all for turning out, I hope to see you all any many more for the Big One next month (it’s the shield game) I promise to be back to my old self by then.
Here are the results for Gailes:
1st place on 37pts – Paul Lockwood-Lee
2nd place on 36pts – Fred Hill
3rd place on 34pts – Karen Greedy

NTP on the 3rd – David Coster
NTP on the 12th – Howard ‘bikini wax’ Ward
Men’s L/D 18th – Rodney Topor
Ladies L/D 18th – Karen Greedy

Next game is the special at Sanctuary Cove on the 19th of August.

Pairs will be picked by a random draw, I will then try to arrange the groups to suit any requests.

Paul (Captain)