Monday, December 4, 2017

Oxley Golf Club, December 2017

 Thanks very much to the 9 who turned out for the game, the forecast was suggesting rain & storms and we got neither, big thanks to the BOM for that.

There was nothing riding on this game as the title was all wrapped up beforehand, which meant we could all relax and ease our way into the festive season.

Many thanks to all those who have attended games this season, I know it was very hard to really get any traction with three of our rounds called off due to rain, but stick with us next year is going to be perfect every day. (and bring a friend please)

As mentioned we already had our seasons champion engraved on the cup before the Oxley round, therefore all that remains is for me to announce: 

Paul Wellington

As our 2017 GUSGC Champion (for the 3rd consecutive year)

Well done Paul on another great year.

Now for the results for Oxley:

NTP on the 5th – Dave Coster

NTP on the 9th – Troy Grimshaw

Mens Long drive 17th – Troy Grimshaw

Ladies Long drive 17th – Karen Greedy

1st place on 42 points – Paul Lockwood-Lee

2nd place on 38 points – Paul Wellington  

3rd place on 36 points – Dave Coster

Regards until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Paul (Captain)

Dave will send out the next years schedule in good time before the start of 2018 season.

Redland Bay 12th October

Redland Bay

Forgot to post about this one ... and with our Captain away cruising the Danube - there was noone to remind me!

Just the 3 groups for this one - which was disappointing as the course was in the best condition I've seen it.

Winner was Paul Wellington to clinch the end of year awards!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Wynnum game 10th September 2017

Wynnum game 10th September 2017

12 players for this game at Wynnum, with the course in dry condition, ensuring some long runs on the low flighted shots.
Good to see Ian and Howard back in the fold for the first time in a while and a warm welcome to Shaun Rhule (hope to see you all again soon)
Sorry to Howard, who caught a poor shot from one of the rear group on the chin, hope the bruise has gone down by now.
Now for the results:

NTP on the 5th – Paul L-L

NTP on the 16th – Ian Smith

Men’s Long drive 13th – Paul Wellington

Ladies Long drive 13th – Karen Greedy

1st place on 37 points – Ian Smith

2nd place on 35 points – Dave Coster

3rd place on 33 points – Paul Wellington (Equal 3rd place getters missing out on count back, Mike O’Neill, Peter Johnson and Paul Lockwood-Lee)

Next game is at Gailes on the 15th of October at 7.00am tee off.

Regards until then.

Paul (Captain)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Northlakes (SHIELD Game) AUG 13th 2017

A field of 13 players for our yearly special event – The shield game.

Glorious weather greeted us (where else but Queensland) on a very well-presented course.
Except for one team (the 3-person group) the field was pretty well compacted, but alas the lead group was so far ahead the rest of us were always playing for second place.

The food afterwards was (the club sandwich at least) enormous and very tasty, I hope everyone else was suitably satisfied?

This may be the last of this special game set up as alas the costs are getting a little high for our small club to handle, we will be open to all suggestions for a different game & perhaps a meal elsewhere, but if you do come up with something we would be asking for a little more input in the organising of the option if taken up. We can discuss this throughout the course of the next few games.

Now for the results:
NTP on the 7th – Peter Mather
NTP on the 14th – Ken Greedy
Mens Long drive 9th – Paul Wellington
Ladies Long drive 9th – Jane Mather

1st place on 58.8 nett – Peter Johnson, Bryan Kendall, Paul Wellington.
2nd place on 70.75 – Jane and Peter Mather  
3rd place on 72.66 – Mike O’Neill, Brad Parker

Big thanks to everyone for taking the time & taking the drive to make the shield game as enjoyable as it was.

Next game is at Wynnum on the 10th of September at 7.04am tee off.
Hope to see many of you there. (bring a friend)

Paul (Captain)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

McLeod game 7th July 2017

McLeod game 7th July 2017
Hello folks, thanks to the 8 players who turned up for a cool morning (coldest for the year thus far) but what ended up being perfect golfing weather.

The fact that we seemed to have picked the one Sunday in the year that nobody else in all of Brisbane wanted to play golf, we found the course virtually empty, which made for a quick but comfortably paced and relaxed game.

The course was in pretty good condition considering the rain in the past few days, with only a few damp patches in the low spots. The pacey greens kept us on our toes at the beginning but I think most were getting to grips with them a little better toward the mid/end of the day and didn`t have too many three putts.

Now for the results:
NTP on the 6thDave Coster
NTP on the 12thMike O`Neill
Mens Long drive 9thMike O`Neill
Ladies Long drive 9thKaren Greedy
1st place on 39 points – Paul Lockwood-Lee
2nd place on 37 points – Dave Coster
3rd place on 31 points – Karen Greedy

Next game is to be confirmed, but should be the special Ambrose game for the shield – at Northlakes on the 13th of August (please wait for confirmation from Dave / Karen)

Regards until then.
Paul (Captain)