Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wynnum game 17th November 2013

Wynnum game 17th November 2013
16 players was a very good turnout for what could have been a wet & stormy day considering the conditions we have been suffering lately, but thanks to the good golfing gods, we were left with a dry course in an average  state (greens were a bit poor I thought)

It looks like Ian has got the dodgy back under control (did anyone see him popping pills or spending a prolonged time in the toilets) I think it’s high time we introduced drug testing for the club. The only problem would be finding the traces of little blue ones that men of a certain age (covers most of our lot) are taking.

From what I saw of the cards I think most had reasonable games, with I think 4 or 5 getting 36 or more points, well done to you all.

Here are the results for Wynnum:
NTP 6th hole – Rodney Topor.
NTP 16th hole – Ian Smith.
Long drive 12th (m) Ian Smith (good to see you back)
Long Drive 12th (f) Judith Chapman.

1st place on 39 points – Ian Smith.
2nd place on 38 points – Rodney Topor.
3rd place on 37 points – Ashutosh Misra.

Next game is the last one for the season (Oxley on the 1st December) don’t forget the Christmas theme.
The table shows the cup isn’t quite decided yet, but it would take a supreme effort by either Ash to stop the Troy juggernaut. So be there for the David vs Goliath battle day. 

Captain Paul