Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shield Game at Mt Tamborine 18th August 2013.

Well I thought the drive up to the Mt Tamborine course was hilly, little did I know what we we’re in for on the summit.

I thought I heard the Von Trapp family singing in the distance.

The course was in a good condition I thought (very green) but the constant up hill & down dale bit got a bit tiring after a while, still a good work out if we needed it.

The first placegetters played very well together with someone always managing to pull of the miracle shot  (especially you Mrs Chapman) to get them out of the poo, well done to the three of you, you’re now the Shield holder for a year and your names will go down in history.

Sorry Troy, my putter (and it was the only club I needed for most of the round of course) let us down right at the end, but we gave them a good game anyway and it was good to be on the same team as those huge drives for a change, I never knew you had to walk so far between shots.

I didn’t get to ask too much about other people’s games as we we’re all stuffing our faces, but we can all give feedback to Judith & George as to whether the course stays on the calendar or not for next year (bit of a hike to get to unfortunately) Hope you all enjoyed it anyway, see you soon in September.

Here are the results for the Shield game:

1st place on 60 & 2/3 nett – Dan Williams, Judith Chapman and Phil Dawson

2nd place on 61 & 1/2 nett – Troy Grimshaw & Paul Lockwood-Lee

3rd place on ... ~67? – Ashutosh Misra & George Chapman

NTP on the 5th – Dan Williams

NTP on the 15th – Troy Grimshaw

Men’s L/D 12th – Troy Grimshaw

Ladies L/D 12th – Judith Chapman

Next game we will be at Redcliffe on the 8th of September at 8.25am.


Paul (Captain)