Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Next game: 9 October at Gailes Golf Club

The next game is at Gailes Golf Club on Sunday 9 October, arrival at 7.15am for tee-off at 7.30am.  The address is 229 Wilruna Street, Wacol, opposite Gailes Railway Station.  The number of the Pro Shop is 3271 1045 if you wish to book a cart.

To get there from the city, take the Ipswich Motorway and exit at Progress Rd, Wacol, cross the motorway and railway line, and turn left into Wilruna St.  To get there from the east (Sunnybank/Algester), take Learoyd Rd - Inala Ave - Progress Rd and follow the above directions.  If you come along Logan Motorway, I have no idea how you cross Ipswich Motorway, you're on your own - players attempting this route have been lost never to be seen again! 

Please email or call me as soon as possible to let me know if you are playing in the this game so I can inform the Gailes Pro Shop of the numbers.

0438 112 358

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Carbrook game - 11 September 2011

While I remember...

Twelve hardy souls ventured out to Carbrook at a sleep-depriving hour on a cold and windy morning, only to have to wait while two or three other groups teed off late before us. Eventually we teed off ourselves, only to discover it was colder and windier on the fairway than on the tee. Fortunately the weather - if not the golf - warmed up; after 6 holes the first sweaters came off, after 12 holes the second sweaters came off, after 18 holes we were feeling a bit warm and bothered and sunburnt, at least I was.

The so-called leading group somehow managed to get lost - which required us to improvise with the NTP and LD competitions - and rejoined the procession at the back many holes later.

The scores were disappointing after last month. Perhaps Carbrook is just more difficult than Royal Pines. Perhaps it was playing the harder nine first. Perhaps it was the wind. Perhaps it was the true but fast greens which require familiarity to navigate successfully. Perhaps it was the bunkers which even I admit are pretty poor.

Owen Wright and I had a ding-dong battle all day, but my 4 for 4 on the par 4 6th (our 15th) apparently broke his spirit!

Anyway, when the dust settled, these were the results:

NTP #2 - Ashutosh Misra
NTP #7 - Ian Smith
Ladies LD (on #5) - Judith Chapman
Mens LD (on #5) - Dan Williams

3rd place on 33 points - Ashutosh Misra
2nd place on 34 points - Ian Smith
1st place on 38 points - Rodney Topor

OK, I had a home ground advantage, that might have helped, but this was the first time I've played to my handicap in I don't know how long.

The next game will be at Gailes on 9 October.

The updated league table will be posted later.