Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Next game: 6 December at Riverlakes

The final game for the year is upon us: Riverlakes Golf Club on 6 December, arrival time 5.45am (gasp!) for tee-off at 6.00am. Riverlakes is at Gleneagles Drive, Cornubia. Take the Beenleigh - Redland Bay Road from the Pacific Mwy towards Carbrook, about 5km, and turn right at Riverlakes Village shopping centre traffic lights, where there is a small "golf club" sign, leading to ... a security gate! ... after which you turn left. If you cross California Creek and see the course on your right, you've driven too far, but do not do a U-turn there because it's very dangerous. Drive on until it's safe! The number of the Pro Shop at Riverlakes is 3287 6288.

I like Riverlakes because it's relatively short, so watch out. However, the fairways are narrow and there are lots of water carries, so many people don't like it for some reason. I don't want to scare you off, because the course is quite pretty, but we're offering a special prize for the player who *loses* the most balls! Or at least owns up to losing the most balls. :-)

And I should also be able to give you a preview of next year's schedule.

As usual, please let me know by Monday whether or not you are playing, so I can inform Riverlakes of our numbers a week ahead, as they request. If you discover that you can't play after accepting, please, please let me or Paul (0403 901 344) know as soon as possible.

Happy golfing!

PS Paul has just announced that he will only require one ball. Them's brave words!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Oxley Results - 8/11/2009

Despite forecasts of rain, the weather remained fine and comfortable. The greens were slow at first but sped up as the morning progressed. The course was very crowded, but we seemed to get around quickly enough.

Almost all of the Club "old guard" were missing, which was strange for the rest of us.

Competition at the top of the leader board was tough. The final outcome was:

1st - Suzanne Rosolen, 40 pts
2nd - Sudath Wijeratne, 39 pts
3rd - Rodney Topor, 35 pts ocb (on count back)

Longest drive (men) - Ashutosh Misra
Longest drive (ladies) - Suzanne Rosolen (no surprise there)
NTP, 5th hole - Howard Ward
NTP, 9th hole - no-one! (And such a short hole too!!)

My group wished the 3rd hole was NTP, as three of us hit the green quite close to the hole!

Suzanne played very well. She has good technique and hits the ball well. If she can only improve her game around the greens, she can reduce her handicap by 10 strokes very quickly.

If you'll permit me to brag a little, I hit my last shot for the day 40 metres over a bunker onto the green and into the hole. Or so my playing partners tell me, as I couldn't see the hole. Perhaps they kicked it in as a joke! Sorry, Howard.

The competition for "Player of the Year" will be decided at Riverlakes on 6/12/2009. (Nearly as exciting a season as the LPGA.)