Tuesday, June 23, 2009

About the club

"The club has some 20-30 members. About 12-16 turn up at each game.
We play a game at a different course one Sunday each month. We play a Stableford competition.
Once a year we splash out, hire electric carts, play an Ambrose competition at a nicer course than usual, and have lunch afterwards.
The winner of the monthly competition receives the massive prize of 3 golf balls! Some members are only loosely connected to GU. Men's handicaps range from 20 to 36, women's from 20 to 45, so there are no really strong players, at least not recently.
Last year, annual membership was $30 and green fees were $30 each round. I suspect that this year the green fees will go up a few dollars. Players can play twice with the club to try it out before joining, but after that they have to join if they wish to continue playing.
I ask members to give me a definite answer as to whether or not they're playing a week before each game. The golf courses require exact numbers a week in advance." Rodney Topor (Secretary)

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