Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Redcliffe game 8th September 2013

Hello folks, thanks to the 13 who came to play at Redcliffe.

I’m sorry I’ll have to be short and sweet & just get to the results, although I must make mention of Dave Coster's win.  I think it’s his breakthrough one for the tour & something he can tell Mark about when he sees him in NY. well done Dave and indeed well done to all place getters & prize winners.

Here are the results for Redcliffe:

1st place on 39pts – Dave Coster
2nd place on 38pts – Troy Grimshaw
3rd place on 34pts – Karen Greedy

NTP on the 11th – Troy Grimshaw
NTP on the 13th – Troy Grimshaw
Men’s L/D 9th – Ken Greedy
Ladies L/D 9th – not taken

Next game we will be at Carbrook on the 22nd September, I look forward to seeing you there.

Paul (Captain) 

(League table to follow, but Troy and Dan are running away with it...)