Sunday, December 6, 2015

Virginia 6th December 2015 - Christmas edition

Virginia 6th December 2015 - Christmas edition

11 elves played the final event of the year under clear skies at Virginia Golf Course. This would also determine who the club champion would be for 2015 - and given the absence of the top 2 on the leaderboard - there was opportunities for most.

A slight disappointment was Virginia putting us off the 1-9 and 19-27 course. I'm sure that wouldn't have happened if the Captain was on deck - so hurry back Paul. Led to an interesting and confusing scorecard for all but I think we got there in the end. 

Results on the day went something like this....or as much as we could determine anyway:

NTP on the 3rd - unclaimed [but my shot was unlucky]
NTP on the 25th [?] - Ladies - Judith Chapman
NTP on the 25th [?] - Mens - Ken Greedy [no matter how many times we measured it!]
Long Drive Ladies - Karen Greedy
Long Drive Mens - Troy Grimshaw

1st Place on count back - George Chapman [44 pts]
2nd Place on count back - Paul Wellington [44pts]
3rd Place - Karen Greedy [41pts]

...which means that storming home with his second place finish and 2015 Club Champion is - PAUL WELLINGTON

Congrats Paul. He certainly was most improved throughout the year and probably would've won by more if he had played more events. A good close race throughout the year.

Thanks to Paul, Ken & Karen, George & Judith for keeping things organised throughout the year. Merry Christmas all - and lock in the golf schedule for 2016.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Redland Bay game 15th November 2015

Redland Bay game 15th November 2015

A great turn out for this later starting game – 18 players made it on for what turned out to be good dry (despite the forecast) weather.

The course was in good nick, except the greens that had been cored a few weeks earlier, but never mind we all had the same problems I think and judging by the scoring on a lot of cards people coped very well.

Well done to all those who managed 36 + points (and there was a few) Ken will ensure you get full recognition for your efforts.

Special note for Phil, we deemed it necessary and right that you did score your attendance point, which will keep you in the running with lots to play for in the final game on the 6th December.

Ash will be away for the last game & I myself may not make it either (if the surgeon doesn’t cancel on me again, no it’s not to fix my swing) so the field will be left open for potentially just 4 players to take the cup.

If I’m not there, good luck to you all & have a merry Christmas & new year.

Now for the results:

NTP on the 6th – Ash Misra

NTP on the 16th – Troy Grimshaw

Mens Long drive 18th – Ian Smith

Ladies Long drive 18th – Jane Mather

1st place on 43 points – Howard Ward

2nd place on 42 points (on count back) – Ian Smith

3rd place on 42 points – Peter Johnston 

Next game is on the 6th of December at Virginia 7.10am tee off.

Regards until then or after Xmas.

Paul (Captain)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Gailes 18th October 2015

Gailes 18th October 2015

A good turnout of 16 players for our Gailes event.

The course - which is always pretty good - was in excellent condition as was the weather. Terrific timing by our club secretaries as they started coring the greens immediately after our round. 

Excellent scoring all round as this is usually one of our tougher tracks. Thank to Troy for coming back from his honeymoon just to play.

It was a slightly unusual round as it was relatively 'quiet' on the course with none of the usual 'Ken-isms' being heard around the course. And then we found out why ....apparently 42 pts keeps Ken otherwise occupied and he was a decisive winner on the day.

Good play by Jane, Bryan and David who were all well under par as well. 

1st - Ken Greedy
2nd - Jane Hughes
3rd - Bryan Kendall [ocb]

Ladies long drive - Jane
Mens long drive - Ian

Ntp 12th - Troy
Ntp 3rd - Dylan [welcome]


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Carbrook game 13th September 2015

Carbrook game 13th September 2015

12 players for this game at Carbrook, with the course in great condition due to the club championships just having taken place, some good scoring was definitely on, unless you were a bit too heavy with your putting strokes, as the ball would keep rolling way past the cup on many an occasion.

As it turned out there were three players bettering there handicaps, one by quite some distance (Mr Wellington you know who you are)
I’ll have to remember to not tell Hilary whose group she’s in until a moment before tee off to avoid any nerves getting the better of her, although Troy’s first tee wasn’t the prettiest we’ve seen from the Ace for a while, so she needn’t have been worried.

Hope you all had a good day out regardless of the score, I’ll see you all at the game after next, I think Mr Smith will look after you at Gailes 

Now for the results:

NTP on the 7th – Jane Mather
NTP on the 14th – Dave Coster
Mens Long drive 4th – Troy Grimshaw
Ladies Long drive 4th – Karen Greedy
1st place on 46 points – Paul Wellington
2nd place on 40 points – Paul Lockwood-Lee
3rd place on 37 points – Karen Greedy 

Next game is at Gailes 18th October at 7.00am tee off.

Regards until then.
Paul (Captain)