Monday, July 14, 2014

Keperra Game 13 July 2014

Keperra Game 13 July 2014

We had 14 slightly chilled players for this game & the cold start did none of the older bones in our field any favours, I think we we’re all waiting for it to warm up a bit before we could get any sort of feeling in our hands.

The course was in was in normal Keperra condition the first 9 (10-18) were ok but you still notice a drop in conditions on the second (19-27) holes. Certainly not resort style, but then it gives us something to do when we get home & clean the dust & dirt off our clubs which I’m sure we are all in the habit of doing?

The ladies hadn’t warmed up enough before the long drive hole came up as alas neither of them we’re able to stick it on the fairway. The quickly redesignated NTP on the 27th was also missed, so the club saved a couple of balls on the day.

Karen was again up there in the places with her forth second place of the season (nearly five as she missed out on a count-back in another game) Mr Smith got home for third place & I’m sorry folks but I had another good round on the go & took first, I’m sure this slope system is helping me but I’m just as sure I’ll be handicapped further by the time the next game comes around.

Here are the results for Keperra:

1st place on 41pts – Paul Lockwood-Lee
2nd place on 37pts – Karen Greedy
3rd place on 34pts – Ian Smith

NTP on the 25th – Karen Greedy
NTP on the 27th – not taken
Men’s L/D 13th – Andrew Mather
Ladies L/D 13th – not taken

Next game is the shield game at Gainsborough Greens at 6.52am (17/8/14), special team selection process takes place for this game & half (sort of) points on the league table apply (3, 2 & 1)

Paul (Captain)