Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012 Club Champion

Captain Paul Lockwood-Lee presenting the trophy to 2012 Club Champion Mark Coster.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Oxley game December 2012 (last game in the 2012 Fed Up Cup)

Oxley game December 2012 (last game in the 2012 Fed Up Cup)

13 braved potential heat exhaustion for our traditional last game of the season – The Race to Oxley to decide the Fed Up Cup for 2012.

When the end came two players were just too good for the rest of us in their quest for the cup: the reigning champ (Ian Smith) and one of our most improved players for the year (Mark Coster).   A notable mention goes to Fred Hill, who had a very good day as well, but was not in the cup running (but look out if he gets more games in).

Here are the results for Oxley:

1st place on pts – 39pts Ian Smith (on count back)
2nd place on pts – 39pts Fred Hill
3rd place on pts – 34pts Mark Coster (on count back)
(Owen also on 34pts missed out on count back)

NTP on the 5th – Ian Smith
NTP on the 9th – Fred Hill
Men’s L/D 17th – Mark Coster
Ladies L/D 17th – Not taken

The upshot of the final game for 2012 is the new club champion is:
Mark Coster, who pipped Ian by the narrowest of margins.

Congratulations to Mark, who over the season has been consistently ticking the scoreboard over with: one first outright, one joint first in the special game, one second, two thirds and a missed third on count back, three NTP’s and two L/D’s.

Also the Coster Boys were the only two players who played every game of the season, so thanks for your commitment to the club (look out at committee nomination time)..

All that’s left to say to all of you is have a very merry Christmas and New Year, I hope to see you all as often as possible in the fight for the Fed Up Cup 2013.

Paul (Captain)
(Next game Virginia 10th Feb)