Wednesday, September 28, 2016

McLeod game 18th September 2016

McLeod game 18th September 2016

Hello folks, thanks to the 11 who took a chance on the elements, all of us had wet weather gear on standby as the forecast was for a dire day in the wet.

However it just goes to show you cannot trust the BOM and it’s henchmen/women, as they appear to know very little about predicting the future (they do a bang up job of telling you what you had already had at the end of the day of course) So we were all happy to walk around in very very light rain for the full 18.

A very close game again with many scores just one shy of another, which leaves many rueing the missed putt, wayward approach, bad chip or the poor drive etc, which executed correctly may have seen them take the win.

The upshot is that, mathematically it is still possible for one person to challenge the current league table leader, however it would the biggest wall to climb for that to be achieved.
So ensure you are all out there to see if the magic can happen or the form player all season goes on to claim the title.

Now for the results:
NTP on the 6thPaul Lockwood-Lee
NTP on the 12thPhil Dawson
Mens Long drive 9thIan Smith
Ladies Long drive 9thKaren Greedy
1st place on 36 points – David Geil
2nd place on 36 points – Paul Lockwood-Lee  
3rd place on 35 points – Paul Wellington
(Equal 3rd but missing out on count-back, Ken Greedy)

Next game is at Redland Bay on the 16th of October at 7.50am tee off.
Regards until then.

Paul (Captain)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pacific Harbour - BRIBIE ISLAND (SHIELD) AUG 21st 2016

Pacific Harbour - BRIBIE ISLAND (SHIELD) AUG 21st 2016

A very good field of 17 players for our yearly special event – The shield game.

A tough but lovely course, gave everyone a chance to shine & fail in equal measure I think, and by playing the game as an Ambrose format, it would have kept many from blowing up & score blowing out.

The spread of points was only over a narrow band, except the winners who managed a great 67pts, but then we’ve come to expect this sort of thing from Phil and whomever he gets teamed up with. That’s four years in a row now, well done Phil & somebody you played with (I think it was Ian).

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been away, see you all soon hopefully.

Now for the results:
NTP on the 7th – Ian Smith
NTP on the 13th – Andrew Mather
Mens Long drive 3rd – Andrew Mather
Ladies Long drive 3rd – Karen Greedy
1st place on 67nett – Ian Smith & Phil Dawson
2nd place on 71.25 – Ken Greedy & Paul Wellington  
3rd place on 72.66 – Mike O’Neill, Judith Chapman & Paul L-L

Big thanks to everyone for taking the time & making the long journey to make the shield game as enjoyable as it was.

Next game is at McLeod on the 18th of September at 7.00am tee off.
Hope to see many of you there.

Paul (Captain)