Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nudgee South game 6th October 2013.

Nudgee South game 6th October 2013.

10 players rolled up for the latest instalment of the “fed up cup” on a very warm (33 degree’s I think) day, thankfully the humidity hasn’t kicked in yet this year, but look out when it does.

The plan for Ken to disrupt Troy’s seemingly unstoppable march to the title this year had reasonable effect in that we didn’t see his name on the first two spot prize markers (but he did grab a NTP on the 16th) and also to Ken’s credit he did also beat Troy for second place overall.

I believe most (but not all) had reasonable games, but it was the lure of the scratch card wager between Rodney & myself that seemed to spur Rodney on to some of his best tee to green golf for quite some time (could the Uni please pay him a little more, the boy is obviously close to destitution if he has to make ends meet by scamming his fellow competitors for a 10 dollar scratchie) well done Rodney.

Here are the results for Nudgee South:
NTP 7th hole – not taken.
NTP 16th hole – Troy Grimshaw.
Long drive (m) Ian Smith (good to see you back)
Long Drive (f) Karen Greedy.

1st place on 42 points – Rodney Topor.
2nd place on 40 points – Ken Greedy.
3rd place on 39 points – Troy Grimshaw (72 off the stick, well done)

There is a game in December at Oxley (as always) at which we are requested to wear/show something a little festive (I may just bring an empty wallet that’s normal for Christmas isn’t it?) but that’s for the game after the next one, which is: Wynnum on the 17th of November with a 7.46 tee time. Hope to see as many of you there as possible we’ve all got a few weeks to practice, I know I will be, even if it just saves me from being out by $10 the next time I meet Rodney.

Regards Captain Paul.

Carbrook Game 22nd September 2013.

Carbrook Game 22nd September 2013.

With a reduced field due to holidays (x4), injuries (x2) other sporting commitments (x1) and other non-specifics (x?), we still managed 8 players for the game at the difficult home of the shark.

A warm day which dried out the greens quickly and made them (for this player anyway) nightmarishly fast, it was the forward group who seemed to handle the conditions better with the three places resting with them.

Well done to all of them.
Here are the results:

1st place on 36pts (after count back) Ashutosh Misra
2nd place on 36pts Karen Greedy
3rd place on 34pts Rodney Topor

Ntp on the 7th Peter Johnston
Ntp on the 14th not taken
Men’s L/D on the 4th Dan Williams
Ladies L/D on the 4th Karen Greedy

I’m late writing this report so it won’t be posted until after the next game (Nudgee)