Wednesday, May 12, 2010

McLeod Game - 9th May 2010

On Mothers day, we still managed 11 players, which kind of indicates we may love our golf a little more than we should. However we did get finished early so perhaps all the presents, flowers, etc were given out in the afternoon.

A lovely day weather wise with a bit of a chill first up but within a couple of holes everyone was warmed up by the morning sun ; temperatures in the mid 20’s ; beautiful blue skies, why would you want to be anywhere else.

On the course, it was, and this will come as no surprise, Ken who was losing his head both figuratively and literally, with the loss of his pitching wedge head (snapped a few inches up the shaft) into the trees between the 9th tee and 8th green, quite why he was approaching the 8th green via the 9th tee area I perhaps don’t have to explain to any of you who have played with Ken before. His tee shot on the 17th was worth the price of admission alone.

I cannot bag anyone too much this month as I had a pretty poor time of it myself, although judging by the spread of scores, which only had a difference between top and bottom of 13pts, we all had possibly a few shots we would not like to take home to mother.

Now the scores:

NTP 2nd hole – Owen Wright
NTP 6th hole – Ian Smith
Men’s L/D – Ken Greedy (nice one Ken)
Women’s L/D – alas no one. (Good thing as the LD marker is now permanently a part, somewhere, of the McLeod course)

And for the placing:

1st on 35pts (playing with only 5 clubs as a penance for missing Logan ) - Rodney Topor
2nd on 32pts - Mr Ian (the guru) Smith
3rd on count back on 30pts - Mr Dan (outrageous shorts) Williams
(Pipped for third on count back was Janine Walker, whom I’ve awarded a point on the table, as I’ve made a captains ruling for third place getters in this type of situation)

A big thanks to all who stayed back for the AGM afterwards, which at about 10mins long, needs to be pared back a bit next year, as most of us cannot concentrate long enough to take a putt without minds drifting to something else.

Thanks to McLeod for the course, even though they have some tricky par 3’s out there.

See you next time at Pacific on the13th June.

Your Captain Paul.