Sunday, December 6, 2009

Riverlakes results - 6/12/2009

A fine, hot day, even starting at 6am (gasp). Almost all the regulars, with the exception of George and Judith, and Owen (ill), were present, which was appropriate for the last game of the year. The course was in pretty good condition (and the rumors of its pending demise were claimed to be unfounded). The name "riverlakes" proved appropriate, as expected, with many players losing many balls.

Our esteemed leader produced the round of the day for the second time this year!

1st - Ken Greedy, 41 pts
2nd - Suzanne Rosolen, 37 pts (told you!)
3rd - Rodney Topor, 32 pts ocb (despite 4-putting the last green!)

Longest drive (men) - Ashutosh Misra (again!)
Longest drive (ladies) - Jane Hughes

NTP 3rd hole - no-one! (The water carry was evidently too intimidating.)
NTP 14th hole - Ian Smith

Special prize: Most lost balls - Howard Ward (admitting to 7 lost balls!)

(Aside: Paul failed in his attempt to use only one ball: "I only used one ball at a time!". Jane and I succeeded, though I had four very, very close shaves.)

Player of the year - based on results throughout the year - was won by Owen Wright with 9 points (3 wins)! Congratulations Owen! Owen was confident enough to not even turn up, claiming illness. Suzanne came second with 8 points.

A good way to end the year!

Planning for next year is underway and the program will be announced in January (or sooner if possible). There is still disagreement about having one 3 club plus putter competition next year.

Tricky, uphill, par 3, 8th hole at Riverlakes

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