Tuesday, December 13, 2016

2016 Club Champion - Paul Wellington

2016 Club Champion - Paul Wellington

Congratulations to Paul on winning in a dominant display of consistency this year.
- 11 events
- 2 x wins
- 6 x 2nds
- 2 x 3rds
- 51 pts

Well done to David Geils [2nd - 35pts] and Paul Lockwood-Lee [3rd - 23.5pts].

Oxley Golf Club, December 4th 2016

Oxley Golf Club, December 4th 2016

Much Christmas cheer and many small prizes were won and awarded to help offset the torture of Oxley on a high humidity, high temperature day. Well what did we expect for our traditional last game of the season?

Thanks very much to the 9 who turned out for the game, I think everyone had a relatively good time (depending on how you were hitting them of course) 

The year was pretty much dominated by one player, but the good news is with the handicap now adjusted to the talent, we may have a more open race in 2017, this year’s second place was taken by a newcomer, so an honourable mention must go to David Geils (don’t worry after the first year all the niceties are dropped and you’ll be treated just like all the others) thanks for coming along and sticking with this rabble.

But now the time to reveal the 2016 Champion and retainer of the crown (which has not been done since Ian could play many many years ago now) The GUSGC Champion for 2016 is:

Paul Wellington

Well done Paul on a great year.

It remains to say thanks to all those who played this year; we hope to see all of you (and perhaps more new blood) in 2017.

Now for the results:

NTP on the 5thPaul Lockwood-Lee

NTP on the 9thPaul Wellington

Mens Long drive 17thKen Greedy

Ladies Long drive 17thKaren Greedy

1st place on 36 points – Paul Lockwood-Lee

2nd place on 33 points – David Geils  

3rd place on 32 points – Mike O’Neill

Next game is at Windaroo on the 12th February 2017 with a 7.00am tee off.

Regards until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Paul (Captain)

Monday, November 14, 2016

Gailes November 13th 2016

Gailes November 13th 2016

Thanks to the 14 players who made it, although they felt like they were playing in an oven for most of this game, with cloud cover being a welcome blessing when it came.

Gailes was in good nick throughout (except the bunkers, although that may be just my personal grudge) that said, your best bet was hitting into the tree-line to take advantage of the shade for a moment’s respite; however the scoring by one player made a mockery of the hot conditions.

Ah well summer is almost over, I’m pretty sure it will be freezing by the time we get to Oxley in December.

Thanks again to Judith & George for their work over the last 2-3 years, and thanks to Dave C for taking over the task/role left vacant by J&G.

Now for the results:
NTP on the 3rd – Paul Wellington
NTP on the 12th – Paul Wellington
Mens Long drive 18th – Troy Grimshaw
Ladies Long drive 18th – not taken
1st place on 44 points – Phil Dawson
2nd place on 37 points – Aaron Steed  
3rd place on 36 points – Paul Wellington

Next game is at Oxley on the 4th of December at 6.56am tee off. (Don’t forget it’s the Christmas game, so if you don’t mind getting in the Xmas mood with clothing etc.) Also we will have a few (small) extra prizes to give away. 

The year-end champion will be announced (no prizes for guessing who that may be)

Regards until then.
Paul (Captain)