Monday, March 29, 2010

Next game: 11 April at Logan City

The third game for the year will be held on 11 April at Logan City Golf Club, Golf Course Rd, Meadowbrook. I expect all of you know the course, but it's clearly signposted on Loganlea Rd, about half way between Pacific Mwy and Logan Mwy.

Arrival time is 6:15am for tee-off at 6.30am. The number of the Pro Shop at Logan is 3299 6518.

The course should be in good condition after all this rain (assuming it stops before then).

After the rather damp Redland Bay game, the committee members present decided that, for a change, this Logan game would be a 3 clubs plus putter competition (as previously foreshadowed). This means you have to think before the game which 3 clubs (in addition to your putter) you will use. (And no, you can't leave your putter at home and putt with your hybrid!) It might help to remember that there are no sand bunkers at Logan! Personally, I'm undecided whether to take driver/hybrid/9-iron, or driver/6-iron/wedge. Longer hitters will no doubt make other choices. It will be interesting to see what choices different players make.

If you wish to use your full set of clubs you are perfectly welcome to do so - we definitely don't want to discourage anyone from playing - but in that case you just won't be eligible to win any prizes.

My own experience using 2 clubs (hybrid/9-iron) plus putter in one round last year is that using the same clubs repeatedly during a round helps you get better at hitting them cleanly, which is the most important factor in scoring well, at least for us high handicappers.

And you have all Easter to practice with your chosen clubs!

So, please let me know as soon as possible whether or not you will be playing at Logan. If you say you are playing, and then discover you can't play, please, please let me or Paul know in advance.

I look forward to seeing you at Logan and to a fun competition.


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