Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Logan City Golf Club Game – 11th April 2010

(Hole numbers 10 through 27 played)

12 players made it for the changed format game of 3 clubs and a putter. One of those not making the day was Rodney, whose idea it was to play this 4 club contest. Now normally you’d expect me to be unkind & ridicule Rodney for not being there, but as it turned out I think most people had a reasonable game.

The first nine was played in fairly comfortable conditions with the sun staying hidden behind a gentle mist; I think I’m right in saying the better scoring was to be had in this first nine judging by the cards I saw at the end of the day.

Then the sun came out, the humidity went up & the games started to show the cracks. Even though we were only dragging around bags with 4 clubs, it was still very draining on our physical & mental resourses.

The results are as follows:

NTP 20th hole George Chapman
NTP 24th hole Owen Wright
LD (ladies) Janine Walker
LD (men's) Ian Smith

1st place on 45 points George Chapman
2nd place on 40 points Ashutosh Misra
3rd (on count back) 40 pts Paul Lockwood-Lee

Most other scores were up there as well, so the combination of the 4 club format twined with Logan’s set up made for a good day.

Many thanks to all those who turned up & we hope to see you at Mcleod on the 9th of May, where we will also hold the annual AGM (only takes about 10 mins). If anyone wishes to take up a position on the committee then by all means come along and throw your hat in the ring, we are always grateful for any volunteers.

Also thanks to Logan City Golf Club for the good social club package they offered.

See you soon,
Captain Paul.


  1. Wow! A high scoring game. It seems the lack of clubs didn't affect some players. I'm sorry I wasn't able to be there.

  2. Yes - and the pace of play was good with fewer options to consider! Phil Mickelson also couldn't make it due to a prior commitment.

  3. Good Job Paul for putting the report. Its lighthearted and covers the major aspects of the day's game. I had not noticed the league table on the earlier occasions, but now after I did, the club does look more than just a social club. Cheers