Monday, March 15, 2010

Results from Redland (Bay)

A wet, windy, sometimes sunny, sometimes humid but always soggy under foot day was had by all attendees of the Redland Bay game (14.03.2010).

Group One: The “Local hero” theme music was being played through the PA system as the tall slim elegant figure of our cycling superstar David Westover, approached the club house, unfortunately he had fallen by the wayside, to the club house bar, by the end of the first nine holes a crumpled and hollow figure bearing no resemblance to the gladiator of just two hours before, from there he could pose no further threat to those of us scrambling for those precious points in the race for the “Fed Up Cup”. [Very good! --Ed.]

That left just nine, of David’s original group there was now just the two players, Hilary and Howard. I knew Hilary would fail as she would be traipsing around the back nine all the time thinking why couldn’t it be herself who was cool & dry in the club house knocking back the gin & tonics.

Howard! Well he tried hard, but after capturing a nearest the pin prize on the tricky 16th he thought his day was all over, dreaming about the magnificent golf ball prize he would be getting and fell to pieces.

Group Two: Judith, George, David & Mark. Well I don’t know what happened to Judith, when I see her play she’s always trying & gets around with a song and a dance in her step, but put her in the same group as Lord Vader & somehow she turns the air blue with cursing (this is normally Ken's job). Mark came along, but frankly in his effort in trying to impress his Dad (David) he must have lost the plot; his Dad put up a reasonable show, but we points grabbers didn’t have to worry, as we had carefully manipulated his starting handicap to keep him just out of sight.

Group Three: Ashutosh, Rodney & Myself.
Ash, had what you could call a shocker, one that he needs to put in the cupboard & forget about (the trouble is of course I’ll always be around to remind him of it, if it gives me some sort of an advantage). Rodney was doing ok for the front nine scoring 18 & after the turn thought he would spice things up by challenging Me to a little side game, well I’ve been caught by Rodney before like this, but not this time, we ground out a poor second nine each and in the end I left him a gibbering wreck of a man, who now has to clean my golf clubs for the next five years (or have I mis-heard the bet). [Yep, you did! -- Ed.]

So you’d think by now that I was victorious on the day and deservedly so, but sadly you would be wrong. For the Lord Vader (George Chapman) had used the Dark side of the force & with his overbearing presence bullied his group into not only seeing the longest drive and a nearest the pin, but also cowering like mice being set upon by a sleek black killing machine panther, they signed off on a 33 point winning total, one more than Me & two more than Howard. I say look out George “Vader” Chapman, for he who lives by the putter also dies by the putter or at least a very pointy stick.

Thanks for playing everyone, hope to see you at Logan.
Captain Paul.


  1. Paul - glad you feel free to comment on other players games, means I can start commenting on yours! ;-) Unfortunately there isn't enough space on this website.
    Look forward to the 4 club challenge at Logan. As my 6 iron is the only club I can trust, not sure if I will even bring the other 3.

  2. I'm also planning to include a 6 iron in my 4 clubs, but in my case it will be my least trusted club.

  3. Hey, comment posting works for me at last. It seems the trick is to login with your Google account first! I don't know how Ian posted anonymously, it doesn't work for me...