Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Keperra game - 7th November 2010

12 players turned up for what I suspect was a day some of us wished we hadn’t bothered.

The less said about the second nine holes (19 through 27) the better, perhaps in a few months these will be in a more acceptable condition, however I have to give my comments a little perspective and confess to an absolute shocker of a game for myself especially on that nine.

We (last group) must have spent more time searching for balls than actually playing them so the frustration levels just grew and grew.

Now the results:
1st place on 33 pts – Rodney Topor.
2nd place on 32pts – Ian Smith.
3rd place on 29pts – Janine Walker.

Ladies longest drive – Janine Walker.
Men’s longest drive – Ian Smith.
NTP on 25 (only one went off) – Rodney Topor.

Thanks to everyone who turned up, next game is at Oxley on the 6th December, hope to see lots of us there for the final game of the year.

Regards for now (Captain) Paul.


  1. Paul - I can confirm that Oxley is in fantastic condition. - Ian

  2. Hey! Practising is not in the club spirit. Besides, don't you have the Player of the Year award all wrapped up?

  3. I wouldn't call what i was doing practising. Unless I was practising losing golf balls...and it looks as though I will miss the last round!

  4. also - still waiting on Owen's survey results. Those academics are so slow in marking assessment.