Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Next game: 5 December at Oxley Golf Club

(Sorry for this late announcement.)

The final game for this year will be at Oxley Golf Club, 290 Boundary Road, Oxley, on Sunday 5 December, arrival at 5.45am (long after sunrise!) for tee-off at 6.00am. The number of the Pro Shop there is 1300 135 654 (I think).

Navigation to the course is straightforward: Either Ipswich Motorway to Blunder Rd, or Hellawell Rd-Learoyd Rd-Inala Ave to Blunder Rd, and then to Boundary Road.

Ian assures me the course is in excellent condition.

It seems that Ian (Mr Consistency) has the Player of the Year award all wrapped up, so I hope Paul is offering a second prize to keep the rest of us motivated!

As usual, please let me know asap if you wish to play. If you have to withdraw, again, please let me know asap.

Progress on the 2011 schedule is going well. More details soon.

Please send me any suggestions you have for attracting new members in 2011.

Look forward to seeing you at Oxley.

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