Sunday, August 22, 2010

Royal Pines game - 15 August 2010

Resort Recreation.

First off a quick sorry for the lateness of this report, my work PC died on Monday morning, so I had to wait until I could get to another machine.

We had 14 players for our Ambrose game this year at the very nice Royal Pines championship course; thankfully it did not include the blue nine, which from past experience can very quickly destroy any high handicappers.

We went with more sociable pairings this year, as we had a number of family/spouse/visitor friend’s combinations to accommodate.

I think this worked out alright, but if you would rather different partnership at any time just ask and I’ll see if I can shuffle folks into groups they would prefer?

The game itself came down to two pairs who would appear to have been on fairly hot form, those being Jane & Andrew and Owen & Dan, these groups came at nearly 5 to 6 shots better than the next pair.

The person going home with the most (golf) balls was Andrew who cleaned up all three of the available NTP & LD men's prizes. This left only the female LD prize which went to Liz Muenchow.

Of the rest of us , well I think Mark & David were traumatised by watching Ian & Howard belting the ball around, Ken & Karen have both just before the game got new clubs (we’ve all been there) so they can be forgiven, Liz & Janine went in with the highest overall Hcp & played close to that & then Rodney and myself couldn’t decide who would hit it wild and long & who would hit safe and short, so we both hit short and not very safe, so we didn’t really give ourselves too many par & birdie chances.

Now for the results:

NTP 7th and 14th Andrew Mather

LD Men's Andrew Mather

LD Ladies Liz Muenchow

1st place on (Nett) 62.50pts Dan Williams and Owen Wright

2nd on 63.50 Jane Hughes and Andrew Mather

3rd on 68.25 Ian Smith and Howard Ward

4th on 68.50 Rodney Topor and Paul Lockwood-lee

5th on 72.25 Janine Walker and Liz Muenchow

6th on 72.50 Mark and David Coster

7th on 74.50 Karen and Ken Greedy

Thanks to all those who came out to play, hope to see you all soon.

Next game is 12th September at Carbrook.

Regards Paul (Captain)


  1. On Sunday I saw how well Owen plays (he hit one 100m approach to 2cm), so I'm not at all surprised that he and Dan won. Congratulations to them and to the other placegetters!

  2. Oh, and I also want to note that Paul and I were only 3 over par off the stick (or sticks) on the second nine, which I think is pretty good for a couple of short, wild, 20-plus-handicappers. It's just a pity we made such a mess of the first nine!

  3. We didn't do too badly really did we Rodney?
    I promise to get a couple more yards in next years game (although i'll be another year older by then)Cheers Paul.

  4. Hey Rodney - what happened to the photos you took? I was expecting them to be posted here with an in depth swing analysis. cheers Ian