Monday, August 30, 2010

Photos from Royal Pines

As Ian requests, Ian receives. I started uploading photos to this blog, but I discovered Blogger only allows quite small photos. So I uploaded them to my MobileMe site instead (the first time I've used it). I hope this is OK.

I'm not game to offer swing advice, but please note whether players are playing off the front (correct) or back (incorrect) foot, and whether they have their arms extended (correct) or bent (not) at impact.

Also, please note that the earliest of these photos were taken in very difficult backlit conditions. And I was deliberately trying to capture the moment of impact, though it's easier to capture the end of the follow-through (and easier to see the player's face that way). Next time.

It's best to use the Slideshow button if you can find it. You can download images, but if you'd like a larger version of any image (for some weird reason), please ask! Enjoy.

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