Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mt Warren Park, May 2015

Mt Warren Park, May 2015
Only 11 made it to the game this time around, with two sick & injured & three late withdrawals, but the rest of us enjoying (I hope) a pleasant day with only a couple of brief light showers.

Mt Warren can be a bit tricky for the long hitters with plenty of dog-leg holes, narrow landing areas & well placed water to leave them wondering if the driver should stay in the bag.
Course management was the name of the game, and for the shorter hitters amongst us (me included) there was no such dilemma, driver all the way.

Thanks to the three visitors we had this time around, always happy to welcome new faces and hope to see you again (perhaps joining?) very soon, providing the stellar performances by the old guard hasn’t intimidated you too much?

Now for the results:
NTP on the 9th – Paul Wellington
NTP on the 16th – Mark Coster
Mens Long drive 17th – Ash Misra
Ladies Long drive 17th – Janine Walker
1st place on 38 points – Fred Hall
2nd place on 35 points – Paul Lockwood-Lee  
3rd place on 34 points – Dave Coster

Two visitors also had good scores – Rohan 38pts & Paul Wellington 34pts (well done)
(Rohan, forgot to hand in the card, but we’ll remember to adjust his handicap downwards from 27 the next time)

Next game is at Oxley on the 14th of June at 7.59am tee off.

Regards until then.
Paul (Captain)

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