Tuesday, April 14, 2015

McLeod game 12th April 2015

McLeod game 12th April 2015
A very good field of 16 of the finest golfers outside of the current US Masters, tee’d off on a tricky & tiring (as always) McLeod , with the course in good condition & the weather hot but it seemed hotter as the hills on this course started to bite.
12 scores of 30 or more points was a very solid result by everyone concerned. I trust everyone enjoyed the healthy additions to the handicaps courtesy of the high slope rating for McLeod (Ian & Troy naturally didn’t get a great benefit) but most of us made the most out of them I think.
Ash was the most solid performer on the day, I think we’ll have to book out all the carts to make him walk for the rest of the season to slow him down as he is the clear leader after the first three rounds, well done Ash (look out for the Handicapper on the next round) Mr Smith chipped a finger nail before the game but still managed to get a very worthy 39pts for second place & it was another tie (3 way) for third, so it’s great competition out there at present.
For the rest of us I don’t think there is a much better thing to do than an autumn Sunday morning in Qld playing golf, even if we hit a few poor ones?
Now for the results:
NTP on the 6th – Bryan Kendall
NTP on the 16th – not taken
Mens Long drive 9th – Troy Grimshaw (I got there on my third)
Ladies Long drive 9th – not taken
1st place on 41 points – Ash Misra
2nd place on 39 points – Ian Smith  
3rd place on 36 points – Rodney Topor
Equal 3rd (missing out on count back) Bryan Kendall & George Chapman
Next game is at Mt Warren Park on the 17th of May at 7.00am tee off.
Regards until then.
Paul (Captain)

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