Tuesday, April 16, 2013



14 turned out for McLeod game in glorious weather, that I wasn’t expecting after the downpours the day before, so even with the low parts of the course being a bit damp I thought on the whole it was a good day for golfing.

Nice to see George & Ken back on the podium and a very good performance by Ash who will see his handicap falling after a runaway win, 6 points clear of the rest of the field. He’s been tweaked a little on his driving & it certainly paid dividends, well done Ash.

We gentlemen of the club are going to have to try really hard this year for the NTP & LD prizes with two now familiar faces grabbing the points again (more coughing, bag zipper, Velcro glove & anything noises you care to introduce to the Tee box as they are ready to take their shots please) Failing that non lethal force is acceptable.

Here are the results for McLeod:

1st place on 41pts – Ashutosh Misra

2nd place on 35pts – George Chapman

3rd place on 32pts – Ken Greedy

NTP on the 6thTroy Grimshaw

NTP on the 16ththN/A

Men’s L/D 9thIan Smith

Ladies L/D 9thKaren Greedy

Next game is at Windaroo on the 19th of May. (8.20am tee off)
Paul (Captain)


  1. Thanks for the report, but I think you got both the date and place wrong. :)

  2. Thanks for the Mcleod report Paul. All I can say is that I can completely relate to the Adam Scott experience now! loL.