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Mt Warren Park game 17th March 2013

Mt Warren Park game 17th March 2013.

18 turned out for Mt Warren game, our biggest group for a very long time, so a big thanks to all of you.

Unfortunately for us the Mt Warren club were a bit lax in the timing department (I believe the social group ahead of ours had more players than they had been expecting) Normally they are quite good with previous games being about on time, so I think the benefit of the doubt should be given.

But on top of that we had one of the hottest days for ages & the game seemed to go on and on (especially if you played badly, like me)
I think we may have seen the last of the days where the mere mortals amongst us had a reasonable chance of picking up an odd NTP or LD prize (remember we’d have the scraps from Ian’s table before) well now there is another player in the mix who isn’t leaving scraps for anyone.

Well done to Troy, thankfully Phil & Dan were around to stop you from getting a grand slam (I’m not sure if it’s been done before in the clubs history – the three prize holes and a win?)
Phil’s march to the top has been short, gaining more points for every game he’s played, well I’m sure this won’t be missed by the handicapper, so that’ll put an end to that. (That’s what you get Phil for living fast & loose) well done to him.

Here are the results for Mt Warren Park:
1st place on 38pts – Phillip Dawson
2nd place on 36pts – Dan Williams
3rd place on 34pts – Troy Grimshaw

NTP on the 9th – Troy Grimshaw
NTP on the 16thth – Troy Grimshaw
Men’s L/D 17th – Troy Grimshaw
Ladies L/D 17th – Janine Walker

Next game is at McLeod on the 14th of April. Due to the lateness of Mt Warren game, we will try to hold the (short) AGM after McLeod’s game, please if you want to try helping out the club the secretary position is up for grabs (remember, most of the work has been done for this year, so you can cruise until November/December)

Paul (Captain)

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