Monday, April 2, 2012

Mt Warren Park game 18th March 2012

Another group of 12 turned out for Mt Warren game, thank you to all those for turning up.
I’m just going to give you the results because as you may or maybe didn’t notice I couldn’t attend this game.
From what I’m told Peter Johnston had a very good game & judging by the scores I’ve seen the rest of the field may have gone pretty well also.
Congrats to you all, I hope the weather was kind to you.
[Ian's comment: "The weather looked terrible leading up to the day but turned out to be quite a pleasant day. Not much run, particularly if you were in the rough! Some very good scoring considering the conditions and Peter's score was remarkable.]

Here are the results for Mt Warren Park:

1st place on 42pts – Peter Johnston
2nd place on 39pts – Howard Ward
3rd place on 38pts – Rodney Topor

NTP on the 16th – Peter Johnston
NTP on the 9thth – Rodney Topor
Men’s L/D – Ian Smith
Ladies L/D – not taken

Next game is at McLeod on the 15th of April.
I’ll be back for this game, so you’ll all be playing for second place as I’ve been spending time in the golf simulator aboard the QM2 cruise ship on my much deserved holiday.

Paul (Captain)

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