Wednesday, April 18, 2012

McLeod Game 15th April 2012.

McLeod Game 15th April 2012.

When I woke up on Sunday morning & couldn’t see the sun, I had a feeling we would have a few no shows for this game (I can’t blame them)
But we did still manage our biggest group of the year thus far, 13 hardy souls (some may say foolish) so a big thanks to you all.

What a shame we don’t have a course of our own for the whole day, same as the majors, then when we get a situation like the three way tie for first place that we had at McLeod, we could send the three back down the 18th for a sudden death play-off.

But alas we do not have that facility so we have to resort to the old count back, which is a shame when all three battled so hard in the varying conditions throughout the morning.

Here are the results for McLeod:

1st place on 38pts – Dan Williams
2nd place on 38pts – David Coster
3rd place on 38pts – Ken Greedy

NTP on the 16th – Ken Greedy
NTP on the 6th – Dan Williams
Men’s L/D – Ken Greedy
Ladies L/D – Janine Walker

Next game is at Windaroo on the 20th of May.
Let’s hope for good weather and a big crowd as those who missed out must be eager for a game.
I’m already excited!

Paul (Captain)

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