Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Virginia game 12th February 2012.

Virginia game 12th February 2012.

A group of 12 turned out for our first game of the season, thank you to all those for turning up.
Wet fairways were a bit of a surprise to me & perhaps to other southerners, it must have chucked it down over Virginia on the evening before the game. This made for some less than consistent ball striking early on as we all tried to come to terms with the conditions.
Surprisingly though the scoring at the end of the day was quite good with I think four players hitting the magical 36pts or better.
Also good to see that there were seven different winners (Placegetters/NTP’s/Long drives) to spread the points around.
I hope you all enjoyed the day in the hot muggy north, even if you did get wet feet & muddy legs, and hope you will all have a good one at the next game. (I’ll be missing therefore young Owen will sort your groups do the results)

Here are the results for Virginia:

1st place on 40pts – Owen Wright
2nd place on 38pts – Rodney Topor
3rd place on 37pts – Mark Coster

NTP on the 12th – Paul Lockwood-Lee
NTP on the 14th – David Coster
Men’s L/D on the 16th- Tom Boyd
Ladies L/D on the 16th- Janine Walker

Next game is at Mt Warren Park on the 18th of March.

Paul (Captain) 

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