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Wynnum game 20.11.2011

Wynnum game 20.11.2011

The GUSGC CHAMPION for 2011 – Mr Ian Smith

12 players attended the Wynnum game, a glorious day on a course which was in very good condition as Wynnum have their prestigious Pro/Am event taking place in a week’s time, so we lucked out.

Ian Smith made the game (and got a NTP) to finally wrap up the Fed Up Cup again for the second year running, congratulations to him for another very consistent year, which as our groups low marker clearly points to the way we would all like to play, that magic word “consistently” (well not bad) I’ll ask Rodney if you do not mind to capture an image of the carry over champion at some stage for the site (As now he has won he will not be at the last game of the year) So that we can all worship him.

Many thanks to all those who turned up, I hope to see lots of you for the final game of the year in less than two weeks time.

Now to the results of the game (I’m very pleased with the following)

Wynnum results:

1st place on 42pts – Paul Lockwood-Lee (Yippee!)
2nd place on 40pts – Mark Coster 
3rd place on 38pts – Tom Boyd

NTP on the 6th – George Chapman
NTP on the 16h – Ian Smith
MLD – Rodney Topor
LLD – not taken

Paul (Captain) 
(Last game of the season is at Oxley on the 4th December 6.36am tee)

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