Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Keperra game 06.11.2011

13 players attended the Keperra game, hot weather was on hand to sap the strength of the group especially over the last few holes, with the slog up the face of Mt 18th just about killing me off.

Well old crooked finger (Ian) was back & ready and able to kill off any late season challengers to his title, the only person close enough to tie the table is Owen, this would mean he would have to win every point on offer (all Long drives, NTP and highest point score on each day) 

However if Ian just turns up to play then he will keep the “Fed Up” Cup for another year. 
A note of caution to Ian: if you pass by Owens window on campus, keep your eye out for falling objects.

Many thanks to all those who turned up, I hope to see lots of you for the penultimate game of the year in less than two weeks time.

Here are the results: 

1st place on 40pts – Ian Smith
2nd place on 39pts – Tom Boyd
3rd place on 35pts – Mark Coster

NTP on the 6th – Janine Walker
NTP on the 8th – Ian Smith
MLD – Owen Wright
LLD – not taken

Paul (Captain) 
(Next game is Wynnum on the 20th November 6.30am tee)

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