Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Virginia game: 13th February 2011

A good group of 15 turned out (inc. one new player, Tom) for our first game of the season, so first off thanks to all those who made it.

The weather looked a bit shaky to start off with, but unlike what seemed to be every game last year, the rain stayed away & it just got warm and muggy, very much as we would expect.

Some things however do not seem destined to change from last year, that being that Mr Ian Smith (2010 champion) has maintained his form and once again came up with the win; if any of you have any thoughts on how to stop this occurring again please let me know. (Well done Ian.)

It was a tight game all around though with only single points separating the first 6 or 7 players and decent scores by most others, so perhaps we aren’t that far off Ian’s pace after all.

Here’s the results:

1st place on 36pts – Ian Smith

2nd place on 35pts – Janine Walker

3rd place on 34pts – Dan Williams

4th place on count back 34pts – Dave Coster

NTP on the 12th – Ian Smith

LD on the 13th – George Chapman

The other two challenges were not won.

Hope to see you all (and more) at Redland Bay on 20th March.


Paul (Captain)

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