Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Carbrook game - 12th September 2010

A very early start didn’t deter 11 tired souls from venturing out to the home of the shark (in the pond) Carbrook, also home to three of my least favourite holes 10/11 & 12, as a high handicap player these require a bit more skill than I possess. As it turned out I think the putting was possibly a bit of a problem for some of us, I know it was for me.

The top 4 of the league table didn’t get any of the points which were on offer, which would have been pleasing to see apart from the fact I was fourth until today, which just shows on any day anyone in our small club can come away with a win. I think everyone was being a bit generous to the club by not taking any of the nearest to the pin prize balls, as we all managed to stuff up on the two easier par threes.

Big thanks go to Dan Williams for the donation of the new trophy which will be given to the club champion at the end of the year, This act coincidently occurred on the very same day that Dan came out on top of the field, so again thanks very much and someone give me his card again for closer scrutiny.

Now the results:
1st place on 38pts - Dan ‘the trophy man’ Williams.
2nd place on 37pts – Mark ‘take a look at my handicap’ Coster.
3rd place on 34pts – Rodney ‘ I only play here all the time’ Topor.

Ladies longest drive – Another local – Jane Hughes
Men’s longest drive – Mark ‘seriously look at his handicap’ Coster.

Thanks to everyone who turned up, next game is at Gailes on the 10th of October, hope that loads turn up (I’m on hols, so probably won’t see you, but then I’m nervous about my ever lowering position in the league so you never know)

Regards for now (Captain) Paul.


  1. Note that I only used 5 clubs again, more evidence that more clubs don't help. Admittedly the lack of a sand wedge cost me perhaps 3 strokes, but if I'd been smarter, I wouldn't have been in the bunkers in the first place!