Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day massacre at Virginia.

Karen Greedy came, saw (through bleary eyes) and conquered, beating the next best by 4 points on a very hot & steamy day at Virginia golf club.

Second place went to Ian Smith with 34 points, and in third was Ken Greedy on 33Pts.

It would be safe to say all enjoyed the course, which was in very nice condition.

Not all scored as they would have wanted, that would have been possibly due to the cobwebs in our games (this being the first one of our season) the heat, humidity & mosquitoes which were a constant threat to players of all grades.

Good to see the return of Dan Williams for his second game with (didn’t scare him of with our level of play last time then) and another new face Mark Coster who we hope will be back again as well.

Other winners on the day were as follows:
NTP 12th hole – Jane Hughes
NTP 14th hole – Dan Williams
Long Drive Ladies – Karen Greedy
Long Drive Mens – Owen Wright

Many thanks to all those who attended the day, and a quick special note to David Westover, get well soon.

Regards Paul (Captain)

Attached is the first edition of our new league table, it may be too early to open the betting on a club champion, but Karen has had a very good start.

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