Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wantima game 11th June 2017

Wantima game 11th June 2017
Sorry folks a real bummer of a day, we all knew small showers were a possibility for the day, but the met office & my definition are clearly from a different dictionary.
We tried but alas the game after the first couple of dry holes (apart from underfoot) was a wash-out, with the majority of players wishing to call it quits either after the first nine or when one of us drowned, whichever came first.
It was a shame, as our year has already succumbed to the weather once this season already (Riverlakes).
I think it only fair to allocate points for appearance & as we were all able to get through two of the prize holes, then the balls & bonus will also be allotted.
Thanks to Ken for negotiating a special rate for the game with the pro-shop and thanks also to Dave for bringing in a couple of potential new members who didn’t hold the poor weather against us.
Also a quick mention for Mr Wellington (great name for the day) who by the time we stopped scoring after 6 holes already had 16 points on the card, quite outstanding considering the conditions.
Sorry we couldn’t continue & had to call the overall results for the game null & void.   
Now for the results (such as they were):
NTP on the 12th – Paul Wellington.
Mens Long drive 14th – Paul Wellington.
Places: N/A
Next game is at McLeod on the 9th of July 7.00am tee off.
Regards until then.
Paul (Captain)

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