Wednesday, July 20, 2016



Just eight hardy souls made it out to Jimboomba, with many no doubt being put off by the weather forecast, which as it turned out was pretty right. Drizzle to Moderate showers for a large part of the front nine & clearing for the second nine, with the sun arriving as we walked down the 18th.

The front nine (I believe) is the toughest and the conditions really stuffed me & a few others up out there.

Second nine was hopefully a different story for most and made some shocking scores look a little more respectable.

The low handicappers certainly led the way, not really allowing the weather to dictate their day, that’s why they get paid the big bucks I suppose.

Thanks to all who made it all the way out to Jimboomba. Now for the results:

NTP on the 8th – Dan Williams

NTP on the 13th – not taken

Mens Long drive 18th – Paul Wellington

Ladies Long drive 18th – Karen Greedy

1st place on 42 points – Ian Smith

2nd place on 39 points – Paul Wellington  

3rd place on 32 points – Dan Williams

Next game for the mid-season shield is at Pacific Harbour Golf Club on the 21st of August. (Should be good, I don’t think we have played there before?) Partners will be by quasi random draw and format will be 2 person Ambrose.

There will be a special price for the shield game as it normally involves a cart & some sort of food deal, but hang on for more details on that when the call up comes through.

Regards until then.

Paul (Captain)

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