Friday, March 18, 2016

Wantima game 13th March 2016

Wantima game 13th March 2016

Second game in & we struck some miserable weather, the on again off again rain and warm muggy conditions in-between, made for some, a difficult & trying day.
 Added to that the greens which had just been cored, you’d have expected some woeful points totals, but from what I saw some people handled it with aplomb.

Very nice to see the return of some of the very new players, we obviously didn’t try hard enough to put you off last time out, and we once again had Mr Owen Wright grace us with his presence, welcome back.

A good field of 14 showed up so the competition was definitely on for young and old, but the season is already beginning to look interesting with Paul Wellington & David Geils showing the early consistency.   

Now for the results:

NTP on the 10th – Peter Johnston.

NTP on the 12th – David Geils.

Mens Long drive 14th – David Geils.

Ladies Long drive 14th – alas, no ladies made the game.

1st place on 40 points – David Geils. (Will one of the old guard ever win again?)

2nd place on 39 points – Paul Wellington (Somebody has to stop him)

3rd place on 35 points – Ash Misra

Next game is at Mt Warren Park on the 17th of April at 7.15am tee off.

Regards until then.

Paul (Captain)

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