Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Wow, 2016 season has started already, where the hell did 2015 go?

A really pleasing 19 players for the first round, with a few new faces and many very old looking ones, returning to try out for what could be considered the fifth major the “Fed Up Cup”

I suspect many of you may not have picked up a club in anger since last season, which meant anyone who may have rolled a couple in on the practice green or indeed had a stretch when they got out of bed was always going to have a head start on the rest of the field, so that would have been Jarrod, Paul W & David G.

Thanks to those who managed to drag some new blood into the ranks, we will always try to make newbie’s welcome, whilst trying to de-moralise, heckle & generally give them as much grief as possible in order to put them off their game (I did mention this is the fifth major, so no quarter is given) 

So a big welcome to Paul Scroggie, David Geils, Mark Glancy and Tim Czalkowski, hope to have the pleasure of your company again soon.

Now for the results:

NTP on the 2nd – not taken
NTP on the 13th – Ian Smith
Mens Long drive 9th – Troy Grimshaw
Ladies Long drive 9th – Karen Greedy

1st place on 38 points – Jarrod Kendall
2nd place on 37 points – Paul Wellington
3rd place on 36 points – David Geils 

Next game is on the 13th of March at Wantima 7.00am tee off.

Paul (Captain)

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