Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wantima game 15th February 2015

Wantima game 15th February 2015

Welcome back folks to the new season for 2015.
14 players made the journey, I think for the first time with the club (someone may remember if we’ve been there before & correct me) either way, it turned out to what I thought was a very good course, I hope others found this to be so also?. Perhaps it will become a regular on our calendar for the future. I’m sure Dave Coster would like that as well.
Two new faces (thanks for giving us a go) Peri & Jarrod, (Peri will have to get tickets from Perth for each of the next games) and return of Troy after a 6 month break, was pleasing to see. Fingers crossed we can get some good field sizes throughout the year.
Scoring seemed to fairly compact with a lot of cards in the high 20’s or the low to mid 30’s so well done to all as no doubt there were a few rusty swings out there today.
Now for the results:
NTP on the 5th – nobody
NTP on the 10th – Janine (extremely close, did you get the birdie?)
Mens Long drive 13th – Regan (big hit, well done)
Ladies Long drive 13th – nobody

1st place on 39 points – Troy Grimshaw (welcome home)
2nd place on 35 points – Bryan Kendall (very tight for this spot)
Equal 3rd place on 35 points each – Peter Johnston and Jarrod Kendall.

Next game is at Wynnum on the 15th of March at 6.44am tee off.
Regards until then.
Paul (Captain)

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  1. Hi Griffith Golf Club, I am keen to join this club. However I was unaware the existence of this club ever since I started my studies in Griffith Uni. May I know if this club is at GC or Nathan Campus?

    I am a social golfer currently. But I used to play golf competitively in both nationals and international competitions and tournaments, with a handicap of 13.

    I am keen to take part of your club social golf games in the future. :) my student number is S2906998.