Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gainsborough Greens – Shield Game 2014

Gainsborough Greens – Shield Game 2014 

The big question for this game was how many would turn up? After a wild night of weather on Saturday and the forecast suggesting lots more for the Sunday (game day) I was feeling a bit lonely for a while until some headlights started to appear in the car-park.
Well we did end up with 10 players (big thanks to you all) and the rain was the main absentee (thanks to the big guy in the sky or the met office, whichever you believe in.

A random draw took place, as we only had one low handicapper with us, and the teams set out on the soggy but in the circumstances pretty good condition course.

The team of Ian & Phil came in first by the proverbial country mile, and are now the proud holders of the shield for the coming year (good luck fitting your names on the thing).

Thanks to Gainsborough for only charging us for the attendees and for the very good lunch afterwards, I think a definite possible for the same next year.
And thanks to the club for the subsidised rate for this one off game in our busy season.

Here are the full results for Gainborough:

1st place on a score of 61.5 nett – Ian Smith & Phil Dawson
2nd place on a score of 66 nett – Karen Greedy & Mark Coster
3rd place on a score of 68 nett – Dan Williams & Peter Johnston
4th place on a score of 70 nett – George Chapman & Paul Lockwood-Lee
5th place on a score of 84.5 nett – Judith Chapman & Dave Coster

NTP on the 3rd – not taken
NTP on the 15th – Mark Coster
Men’s L/D 4th – Mark Coster
Ladies L/D 4th – not taken

(Shield game has no bearing on the league table as it’s a stand alone event)

The next game for the club championship is Redland Bay on the 14th of September – 7.00pm tee off.

Paul (Captain)

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