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Gailes Game 14th July 2013

Gailes Game 14th July 2013

Eleven braved the elements on Sunday, which was our lowest number for the year I think, but given the weather conditions it wasn’t a bad number, so thanks to all of you for your keen, if not misguided desire to play golf at all costs.

 As it turned out from the point of view of the little group I was playing in, we all enjoyed the day, now we are not mudlarks nor ducks & we certainly didn’t think too much of some of the greens, but I think it was the fact that the air wasn’t blue of screams of displeasure at Drives going wildly off course, duffed chips & missed putts, it just seemed so peaceful out there. On a totally separate note “Get well soon Ken”.

Now the scores weren’t great as you’d imagine due to the conditions but Dan did manage to bring it home without any chance of being knobbled by the handicapper by getting a bang on 36pts. Well done Dan.

Nice to see Owen again, although he’s going AWOL again very quickly and thought he’d just pop in to get a point on the board until his next game near the end of the season.

There are signs of a break at the top end of the table starting to appear, with Troy, Dan and Ash sneaking the points on a fairly consistent basis, I see it as the duty of all the rest of us to try to put a stop to this blatant grab for glory, I’m advocating heavy praise part way through their games, regular showing of their great score cards to each of them and of course as much Velcro, zipping and coughing noises as possible.

Here are the results for Gailes:
1st place on 36pts – Dan Williams
2nd place on 32pts – Howard Ward
3rd place on 31pts – David Coster

NTP on the 3rd – Dan Williams
NTP on the 12th – Owen Wright
Men’s L/D 18th – Ashutosh Misra
Ladies L/D 18th – Karen Greedy

Next game we will be the Shield Game at Mt Tamborine on the 18th of August, If nobody has any objections I’ll do the High/Low draw handicapper mix for the teams (but if you do wish to play in the same group as someone else not necessarily the same team) just let me know.

Paul (Captain)

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