Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gainsborough Greens game 9th September 2012

Gainsborough Greens game 9th September 2012.

A very pleasant day was had by everyone at this our slotted in game (there is another one in two weeks time, with this amount of practice we’ll all be finely tuned pro’s soon).

Most people enjoyed the course, which seemed to play very fairly so long as you kept to the shorter stuff, the big problem I had (and I think some others) was the dreaded putter, with some very short ones going past the edge on way too many occasions.

The reigning club champion was back in form this for this game, with a very comfortable winning margin over the field (let’s hope Ken sorts him out for the next game, and make him play off scratch). Well done Ian, and all those who took home points and balls for this game.

Could I ask all those who think they may have a chance at winning any of the next few games to not practice please, the league table is getting a bit congested at the top & frankly I preferred it when my lead was much healthier, thanks.

Here are the results for Gainsborough:
1st place on 38pts – Ian Smith
2nd place on 31pts – Rodney Topor
3rd place on 30pts – Karen Greedy

NTP on the 3rd – Mark Coster
NTP on the 16th – not taken
Men’s L/D 5th – Ian Smith
Ladies L/D 5th – Karen Greedy

Paul (Captain)
(Next game 23rd Sept, at Carbrook)

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