Monday, August 20, 2012

Shield Game, Sanctuary Cove, August 19th 2012.

Shield Game, Sanctuary Cove, August 19th 2012

Wow! That seemed like a hard slog to me I’m not sure about the rest of you?

Sanctuary Cove lists itself as “Designed to challenge players of all abilities”. Well it certainly did that. Perhaps yellow tees may have been kinder, but that wouldn’t have helped with those hard fast non flat greens.

Myself, I hit shots I felt really good about, only to see them roll through, down into hollows, into traps/water, onto rough & back off the greens down the fairways.

In near perfect weather conditions, the course was the winner; the top scores were hard fought for, so well done to all those players whom tamed the beast.

Nearly all groups ended up within 3 points of each other so well done everyone & I hope you all enjoyed the random draw for this game. Don’t forget in the normal games if you have a preference for being in a particular group, I’ll always try to accommodate (just let me know pre-Tee off).

Did everyone enjoy the scenery on the long drives from car park/pro shop to 1st tee & then to car park & back to new club house (for the second class seating option) then back to your cars again?  There’s a good chunk of your lives you’re not getting back.

Here are the results for Sanctuary Cove:

1st place on 39pts – Dan Williams and Mark Coster
2nd place on 39pts – Rodney Topor and David Coster (after count back)
3rd place on 38pts – Karen Greedy and Owen “swinger” Wright

(Last year’s game as a comparison produced 50pts/47pts & 47pts, just to show how much harder this course was.)

NTP on the 6th – Chris Walker
NTP on the 16th – Ian Smith
Men’s L/D 12th – Ian Smith
Ladies L/D 12th – Jane Hughes

Paul (Captain)
(Next game 9th Sept, at Gainsborough Greens)


  1. It was a bit surreal playing the course that seemed to have no clear sense of direction. They also seem a bit confused about what type of course it is - looks sort of resort style with some challenging water but then they throw in these odd links style bunkers. Add to that going past all the expensive houses with no actual occupants and it all was a bit odd.

    Guess that is life behind the gates!


  2. I added a photo of Paul presenting the shield to Mark and Dan.