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Oxley game 04.12.2011

Oxley game 04.12.2011

13 players attended the Oxley game, our final game for the 2011 season.

With 1st place already decided (Ian Smith) it was just a nice no pressure game to round off the year. But it did produce our joint 2nd place-getters on the table, so congratulation to Janine Walker and Mark Coster for their very consistent play throughout the 2011 season.

The winner on the day was a very high flying Paul Wright with a huge 47pts (I think there is a handicap that will have a prune for the New Year) well done Paul.

Many thanks to all those who turned up at Oxley and indeed all of you who managed to join us during the year be it for just the one or many more games, we at the GUSGC hope to see all of you and hopefully some more (tell a friend) for the start of the new season in Feb 2011 (12th at Virginia – 6.56am)

Thanks also to all those people (committee members and non committee members) who have helped out, obviously doing all the normal committee stuff, but also the small stuff collecting cards/monies/posting reports to site/putting out markers etc etc it all makes our little club run smoothly & means that no one person gets lumbered with all the work.

Now to the results for Oxley:

1st place on 47pts – Paul Wright
2nd place on 38pts – Mike O’Neill
3rd place on 37pts – Janine Walker

NTP on the 9th – Mike O’Neill
NTP on the 5h – Not Taken
MLD – Tom Boyd
LLD – Janine Walker

Paul (Captain)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you, hope to see you all back with new golfing goodies in 2012.

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